I love seeing Alanna Phoebe’s name written anywhere, whether handwritten in a paper, spelled out in rocks, gems, or pebbles, carved in wood, flower, pinwheels, drawn in sand beach, written in chalk, walls, or just anywhere spelled or written. I remember when I recently lost Alanna and met a bereaved mama and got my first written name of her, I cried and I was so touched and grateful that someone I never knew has written her name. 

I have noticed that a lot of wonderful people make things in honor of their baby so I decided to do the same. I did not know what to do but one day, I told my 10 year-old son about parents who do projects in memory of their babies. I showed him all the things I've got for her baby sister Alanna. I asked him what he thinks about it and he said that it's so nice and cool that people do that for their loved ones. I told him that I wanted to do something in memory of her sister too. He came up with so many ideas but then we both remember our trip in the library. We were having fun molding clays while waiting for his dad to pick us up. I remember I was sad that day because my Alanna was not with us but my kids made me smile when they started making shapes and letters molding clay. I then molded and spelled Alanna’s name. There I felt she was with us watching. Watching her brothers and sister. So then we came up with the idea of taking photographs of Baby’s Names spelled out in clay. 

I know it's not much but it makes me feel good to keep our baby’s name alive. I think it is a great idea too because my son wanted to take part of the project as well. I felt delighted that he wanted to do this with me in memory of the other babies especially for his baby sister. We were talking so much about it that even my 5-year old daughter wanted to help as well. We want to share this little project through this site. This site is to anyone who has lost a baby/child in any way. If you have lost a baby at any gestational age, or a child under the age of 21, and would like to request their name spelled out in clay and photographed in his/her memory, please fill out the REQUEST FORM. I will with all my children(3 here on earth and one in heaven) will remember your baby, and take pictures that I will post on the 'Home' page and FBpage.


♥ How to request your baby's name?
Simple. Just fill out our REQUEST FORM. We are accepting child's FIRST NAME ONLY, no Last names please. 

♥ Is there a charge?
There is NO charge. It's free! Our gift to you and your baby... remembering children that came and gone too soon.

♥ Who can make a request?
Bereaved Loss Parents can make request; if you are requesting for someone please let me know by adding comment. ♥. 

♥ How can I tell if you got my request?
When you submit your REQUEST FORM,  I manually add it to the wait list so it may take some time for it to appear. Please check my "Waitlist" [located in sidebar] after 72 hours for your baby's name. I list them in the order received. If the name is not listed then it's either I have not received your information so kindly fill up the request form. [I will assume it's a system glitch, so I do apologize.]

♥ Where and How will I get my photographs?
All photographs will be posted on this blog’s Home page as a post when it's done. You can type your child's name in the "Search" box located on the sidebar. You can also find children's name on the "Baby's Name" Page by Month. 

You can also download photos from our Facebook Album. Please send me a message in Facebook if you want me to attach your photo as a message you also get a higher resolution by doing so.
Hitting 'Like' when you found your photos will be much appreciated. It will let us know you've seen it. ♥♥♥. (I worry sometimes)

Please download ONLY your Child's Claynames. Please do not download another child's photographs.

If you are having a problem downloading or there is any problems/errors please let us know. Contact us @ourforeverbaby@gmail.com

♥ When will I get my photographs?
Once I have received them, we will try to do them right away. I say 'we' because Alanna's brothers and sister sometimes help me do ClayNames so it would also depend. With 3 kids and a broken heart sometimes there are just those days that I have to step backward, pause (sometimes inhale and exhaling) and wish things are different. For the most part, it will be between 4 to 6-weeks.  

(OK, I admit sometimes I get stuck on some sites that parent's share, reading stories and posts BL mama/dad's site get me teary eyed and so emotional that I needed to park and stay and keep on reading for awhile. Sometimes I read to get inspired with their story and sometimes base it on their story.)

♥ What if we never got to name our child?
I will be able to write "Baby [lastname]", if you had a loss where you were not able to name your child. A nickname is fine as well (Angel, etc. ). 

What if I have more than one loss (multiple loss)?
Please submit one request form for each child.

Feel free to Question, Suggest, or Comment. I'm always open to suggestions about how I can make this site more helpful to you. Email me @ourforeverbaby@gmail.com

If you like your ClayNames please do grab and/or share our button! LIKE us on Facebook.

Love and Respectz,


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    1. Thank you! it helps me with my sadness thinking that my kids remember their baby sister, something that we do in memory of her ♥♥