Thursday, November 29, 2012


Calypso June 14 2007

Calypso June 14 2007

Child's NameCalypso Paikea Rhyder
Special date: June 14 - July 07 2007
Mommy's Name:  Melissa Lane

Melissa Lane,
We will always remember Calypso. 

Also, appreciate your comments on my personal blog posts, I really need those especially when I'm sad and lost. ♥♥♥

I really love your Calypso's corner. I showed them to my kids and they told me right away to have one for my Alanna(which really touched me knowing that they wanted to do something special for their baby sister)... this would be one of my inspiration, hoping that one day I will have one for our Alanna.


  1. They are so so beautiful!!! Thank you!!!

    I'm so happy to comment and if you ever need me or just need to talk let me know <3